Common Cents for August 31, 2012

I don’t like politics, and haven’t for some time. So, I hadn’t planned on watching any of the Republican convention, and wouldn’t have if my mother-in-law weren’t staying with us this week. This ambivalence on my part frustrates the stew out of my father-in-law, and I understand why; poor civic responsibility and all of that. Still, I know how I am going to vote in November, and nothing the Republicans said this week or whatever the Democrats say in next week would or will change it.

Still, I caught the majority of Mitt Romney’s speech last night, largely because the South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt game failed to hold my interest. You know, perhaps I need to address my apathy.

Let me cut to the quick: Romney didn’t say anything I didn’t expect him to say. Conventions are just that conventions; a time to galvanize and energize the party base, and get cracking on the sales pitch for the Fall. So much of it is form over substance; just as it has always been. So what did I learn?

Well, here are the so-called five steps the Romney campaign is touting, straight from the speech:

  • First, by 2020, North America will be energy independent by taking full advantage of our oil and coal and gas and nuclear and renewables.
  • Second, we will give our fellow citizens the skills they need for the jobs of today and the careers of tomorrow. When it comes to the school your child will attend, every parent should have a choice, and every child should have a chance.
  • Third, we will make trade work for America by forging new trade agreements. And when nations cheat in trade, there will be unmistakable consequences.
  • Fourth, to assure every entrepreneur and every job creator that their investments in America will not vanish as have those in Greece, we will cut the deficit and put America on track to a balanced budget.
  • And fifth, we will champion SMALL businesses, America’s engine of job growth. That means reducing taxes on business, not raising them. It means simplifying and modernizing the regulations that hurt small business the most. And it means that we must rein in the skyrocketing cost of healthcare by repealing and replacing Obamacare. 

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I hope all have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. Please indulge this something of a rant; however, the numbers of this particular social issue are scary enough to suggest a growing economic problem in this country.

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