Column: Companies relying more on self-service kiosks

This past week, Wendy’s announced plans to provide self-service kiosks to around 1,000 outlets across the country, roughly 15 percent of its restaurants. It beta tested the technology at select locations in central Ohio with good results. So, for an estimated $15,000, franchisees will be get three of the things. Of course, the company went to great lengths to say no one has to use or install them. It is only going to make the service available.

Hmm. Three kiosks for $15,000? Think any of them will call in sick or ever show up late? Will they be able to work full days without overtime or benefits? Will they need training? Will there be high turnover, as Wendy’s kiosks find better opportunities elsewhere? (Read the full article as previously published in the Montgomery Advertiser on March 6th, 2017)